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Posted by - June 26th, 2011

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Contact:  I  Barnard

George & Lucinda Barnard, Henderson County, Kentucky (Nothing Else is Known)

Stephen Barnard (abt 1812-1841) Spouse:  Zirilda Bunch —Married 10 Jul 1834

Children:  George C. Barnard

George C. Barnard (1840-1862) Born: Henderson County, Kentucky.  Spouse:  Mary E. Parker–

Married: 16 Dec 1857:  Children:  William Edward Barnard and George August Barnard.  Born in Henderson County, Kentucky.  Raised In Evansville, Indiana.  (Died in Civil war)


William Edward Barnard (1860-1920) Born in Henderson County, Kentucky.  Spouse: Mary Wastjer—Married: 25 Apr 1886   Children: Earle Babbit Barnard,  Viola Louise Barnard, Cecil “Ray” Barnard.

Cecil “Ray” Barnard (1892-1975) Born in Evansville, Indiana.   Spouse: Stella “Leah” Wright—Married: 12 Feb 1919  Children: Eugene Ray Barnard, Richard Earle Barnard, Donald Warren Barnard.

Richard Earle Barnard (1924-2010) Born in St Louis, Missouri.  Spouse: Eloise Virginia Mallrich—Married:  1 Feb 1946  Children:  M R Barnard, B Barnard, S Barnard, J Barnard

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