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Posted by - June 11th, 2012


I have updated the Results Page of the Barnett Y-DNA Project at 

 All those men participating in our project are now assigned a group, whether or not they match another Barnett, Barnard or related surname or not. If they do match others with their surname they were assigned a group. If they did not match others with their surname they were assigned a group and may remain the sole member of that group until someone does match them.

I will be going into our main wordpress website at    and update that page soon. If you are in our project and there is no lineage or other genealogical information on this page for you please send that information to me at   as soon as possible.

If you are listed as a Non-Y Barnett Cousin on our website or if you are a woman related to a Barnett family and have taken the Mtdna test please tell me to which group on our website you should belong and send your pedigree.

If you have a website featuring a Barnett lineage, please send your link. A link to our site on yours would be appreciated.

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