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Posted by - February 4th, 2014

Lineage Kit # 233701 – Robert Barnett


Generation 1 – William Barnett b. Scotland 1600 d. 1652 Derry, Ireland married Margaret Espouse Children = Jane b. 1635, Mongy b.1637, Steven b. 1639, William b. 1641 all in Derry, (Londonderry) Ireland

Generation 2 – William Barnett 11 1641-1709 Derry, Ireland m. Katherine Vance 1665 in Derry, Ireland. Children =  Katherine, Jane, Matthew, Abigail b. 1767, John b. 1778, William b. 1679, James.

Generation 3 –John b. 1678 Derry, Ireland d. 1734 Dauphin, Pa. USA m. Jeanette Powers/Powey in Derry, Ireland in about 1700. Children = Robert b. 1701, in Derry Ireland died about 1772 in Amherst, Virginia married Rachel Ann Montgomery in 1729 in Derry, Ireland:  James b. 1703 in Derry Ireland married Jane Johnson or Miller in 1723 Londonderry, Ireland: John E b. 1705 Londonderry, Ireland m. Margaret Roan, Joseph b. 1708, Mary b. 1710, Jeanette b. 1713, Jean b. 1715, married Moses Swan in 1730,  and Rebecca b. 1717. 

(John and brother William and their families came to Pa. about 1734)

Generation 4 – James b. 1703 Derry, Ireland d. after 1786 Amherst Co. Va. m. Jane Johnson or Miller in 1723 in Londonderry, Ireland.  Children = James b. 1730, Robert b. 1731 in Londonderry, Ireland d. 1787 in Amherst Virginia, married Mary Montgomery 1745, William b. 1733 d. 1816 in Kentucky, married Mary Miller in about 1760 in Virginia. Jane b. 1735 married John Shields, Mary b. 1737 married James Morrison.

Generation 5 –Robert b. 1731 Derry, Ireland d. 1787 Amherst co. Va.  m. Mary Montgomery in 1745. Children = Anne, Jane 1748-1825 mar. Alexander Barnett, in 1769, son of Robert above. James 1750-1835 m. Marcy Hawkins in 1790, John 1751-1817 married  1st. Rebecca Morrison in 1780, 2nd.Susannah Standly in 1806. Alexander 1754-1826 married Dorcas Long before 1780, Rebecca 1755-1808, married Joseph Moore, Mary 1761-1815 married Samuel Bell and  William Barnett, Rachel 1763-1813 married Joseph Barnett, Elizabeth 1765-1835 married John C Moran.

Generation 6 – Alexander b. 1754 in Virginia d. 1826 Bourbon, Ky. m. Dorcas Long before 1780.  Children = John b. 1780 d. 1854, Elizabeth, m. John G Brown,  William, m. Agnes Gilky, Robert m. Martha Ward (the last 3 children all predeceased their father. I think only Elizabeth had issue-Alexander Montgomery Brown is named as grandson in Alexander’s will)

Generation 7 – John b. 1780 in Tennessee or Virginia d. 1854 in DeWitt, Illinois m. Sarah (Sallie) Kenney 1806 in Bourbon County, Kentucky.  Children = Honorable Robert Barnett 1807-1864, married Margaret J. Mills,  Franklin 1808-1871 married 1st. Jerushi Walters 2nd. Elizabeth Ann Walters, Alexander L. 1810-1886 married Elizabeth Hall, Maria and Juliet (both died in infancy) William b.1815, Elizabeth 1817-1862 m. Curtis Lanham in 1850, James 1820-1889 m. Elizabeth Irvin (e) in 1844; Sarah 1826-after 1880 m. Addison Eades in 1847.

Generation 8 – Franklin b. 1808 Bourbon Ky. D. 1871 Freedom, Kansas m. 1st. Jerushi Walters in 1833, children =  Elizabeth b. 1837, John Walter 1839-1816 m. Clara Willis. Simeon A. 1842-1914 m. Minerva Miller, in 1869 in Dewitt, Illinois, George b.1845, Emerine b.1847

Franklin m. 2nd. Elizabeth Ann Walters  in Edgar County, Illinois in 1851. Children: Flora b.1852, America b. 1856, Curtis L b. 1855, Mary Jane 1859, Douglas 1863, Ida 1867.

Generation 9 – Simeon A. b. 1842 Dewitt, Ill. D. 1914 Boise, Idaho m. Minerva Miller 1869 in Dewitt County, Illinois, children – Alva M. 1871-1903, Simeon Leverett 1872-1952, George F. 1873-1948, Rose Ione 1876-1968 m. John Ragsdale about 1897, Charles 1883-1937 m. Marly Unknown.

Generation 10 – Simeon Leverett b. 1872 Dewitt, Ill. d. 1952 Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, married 1st. Isabella Brown about 1885, no children, married 2nd. Harriet Gifford Hutchings 1911, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada.  Children Sherman Leverett b. 1911 in Calgary, Alberta, Canada, Ella Joan 1913-1965 m. William Hankins, Frances Maude d. 20012 m. Gunnar Neilson.

Generation 11 – Sherman Leverett b. 1911 Calgary, Alberta, Canada d. 1994 Edmonton, Alberta, Canada m. Blanche Eileen McCready in 1938, in Sunnybrook, Alberta, Canada: children = Sheila Rose 1939-1971, Sharon Eileen (living), Allen Leverett (living) Robert Ted (living) Shelly Lynn (living).

DNA supplied by Robert Barnett above.  Contact person



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