Kit 203245

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Kit 203245

Group Barnett 1-Y                            Haplogroup R1b1a2

Generation 1

Valda V. Barnett. Born about 1822 in South Carolina. Valda died in Big Shanty, Pickens County, Georgia, on 2 Apr 1862 while serving in Company C, 43rd Regiment of the Georgia Volunteers.  We are unsure of the exact spelling of his given name: it appears in records as V.V., Valda, Vivalva, Civaldy and Vielda.  According to family tradition, he may have used the nicknames of “Bevely” and “Ross”.

On 23 Feb 1847 in Hall County, Georgia, Valda married Mary E. Ashworth who was born about 1827 in North or South Carolina.

The Valda mentioned in the estate file of Agnes (Glenn) Barnett, wife of Joroyal Barnett (transcribed by Janice Barnett Craft) might be our ancestor Valda.  In testimony from 1852, John Huhey stated that he knew Agnes “ever since he was a boy” and that when Valda Barnett killed


one of his cows she “paid him in corn”.

We believe Valda is a grandson of Joroyal and Agnes Barnett, probably through their son Jeremiah Barnett. A biographical sketch of Jeremiah’s son-in-law states: “Mrs. J. M. Cowart’s father Jeremiah Barnett was born in South Carolina and married Patience Seay. They had 6 girls and 2 boys.” We know that one of the sons referred to here is William Riley Barnett who married Milly Elrod. We assume that the other son is Valda, because in the 1860 US Census for Pickens County, Georgia, Valda and his family are living near Jeremiah and Patience Barnett.  However, we don’t have any definitive evidence to place Valda as a son of Jeremiah.

Children of Valda and Mary E. Barnett:

  1. Ruthenia. Born about 1846 in Georgia.

  2. 2. Luther L. (1849-1929) see below.

  3. Mary G. Born about 1851 in Georgia.

  4. Jeremiah M. Born in Mar 1853 in Georgia. Died in Salem, Fulton County, Arkansas, in May 1921. He is buried in Stateline Cemetery in Salem. Occupation: blacksmith. Jeremiah married 1) Elizabeth and 2) Louisa E. Armstrong (1866-1902). Jeremiah and Louisa had 8 children: Valda, Ethel, Luther Langston, Jay Hugh, Mary E., Lillie Mae, Ruth or Ruby, and one unnamed.

  5. William Riley. Born about 1856 in Georgia.

  6. Joseph. Born on 18 Dec 1859 in Georgia. Died in Tellico Plains, Monroe County, Tennessee, on 13 Feb 1914. He is buried at Tellico Plains Baptist Church. Joseph married Martha M. Garret (1859-1920; daughter of Jesse Garret and Sallie Blackwell). They had 4 children: Valda, Dovie, Elizabeth Bell, and Mattie M.


Generation 2

Luther L. Barnett. Born on 3 Oct 1849 in Georgia. He died in Resaca, Gordon County, Georgia, on 2 Feb 1929. He is buried at Sonoraville Baptist Church, Gordon County, Georgia.

On 5 Feb 1874 in Pickens County, Georgia, Luther married Mary Jane Godfrey, daughter of Francis Marion Godfrey and Martha Seay. Mary Jane was born on 2 May 1852 in Jasper, Pickens County, Georgia and died on 24 Jan 1923 in Resaca, Gordon County, Georgia.  She is buried at Sonoraville Baptist Church, Gordon County, Georgia.

Children of Luther L. and Mary Jane Barnett:

  1. William Riley. Born 6 Jun 1875 in Georgia. Died in Milledgeville, Cobb County, Georgia on 15 Jan 1955. He is buried in Fain Cemetery, Calhoun, Gordon County, Georgia. Occupation: physician. William married Ella Jane Dooley on 16 Mar 1903. Ella was born in Sep 1880 and died on 23 May 1963. They had one child, Henry Langston, who was born 24 May 1905 in Gordon County, Georgia and died on 26 Oct 1955.

  2. Bunyan. Born on 29 May 1876 in Pickens County, Georgia. Died in Bartow County, Georgia on 12 Apr 1915. He is buried at Pine Log Methodist Church, Bartow County, Georgia.  Bunyan married Sarah L. Shoemaker on 24 Nov 1901. Sarah was born on 18 Dec 1883 and died on 11 Sep 1862. They had 6 children: Nancy Jane, William, Florence, Luther L., Beulah and Mattie Lou.

  3. 3. Robert Walter (1879-1945) see below.

  4. John Erwin. Born on 30 May 1881 in Pickens County, Georgia. Died in Gordon County, Georgia on 17 May 1955. He is buried at Sonoraville Baptist Church, Gordon County, Georgia. John Erwin married Lula H. Whitner (31 Jan 1883 – 4 Sep 1971). They had 8 children: Lily Mae, Levi L., Gertrude, Clifford, Cora, Bertha Jane, M. C. and Lois.

  5. Lucinda “Cindy”. Born on 9 Mar 1883 in Georgia. Died on 17 May 1932. Buried at Sonoraville Baptist Church, Gordon County, Georgia.  Cindy married Jud Stephens. Jud had children from a previous marriage when he married Lucinda.  The couple had no children of their own.

  6. Sam Joseph. Born on 19 May 1886 in Georgia. Died in Arkansas on 25 Sep 1958. He is buried in Coal Hill Cemetery, Johnson County, Arkansas. Sam and Martha Zeenith Virginia Whitner had one daughter, Mary Jane. On 27 Sep 1910 Sam married Mary Victoria Jones. They had 4 children: Mildred Leola, Howard Lowell, Luther Cletus and a child still living.

  7. Francis Marion “Frank” Born on 15 Apr 1889 in Georgia. Died in Taylorsville, Bartow County, Georgia on 31 Mar 1961. Frank married Angie Childers in 1907. They had 9 children: Robert Claude, Theo Nolan, Elsie Mae, Herbert Clay, Clyde L., Leonard Richmond, Paul Dougherty, Francis Marion “Frank”, and Dorothy Jane.

  8. Henry G. Born 14 May 1891 in Pickens County, Georgia. Died in Tattnall County, Georgia on 19 or 20 May 1952. He is buried at Sonoraville Baptist Church, Gordon County, Georgia. Henry married 1) Mattie Payne. They had 3 children. Henry married 2) Pauline Williams.

Generation 3

Robert Walter Barnett. Born on 18 May 1879 in Georgia. He died in Morrilton, Arkansas, on 13 May 1945. He is buried in Clarksville, Johnson, Arkansas. Occupation: grocer and feed merchant. He went by the name Walter.

On 11 Nov 1900, in Polk County, Tennessee, Walter married Julia Elizabeth Johnston. Julia was born on 14 Jun 1881 in Tennessee and died on 3 Jan 1959 in Logan County, Arkansas.  She is buried in Clarksville, Johnson County, Arkansas.

Children of Walter and Julia Barnett:

  1. James Marvin. Born 17 Jan 1903 in Tennessee. Occupation: Methodist Minister. He married Nora Dixon. They had one child.

  2. Beulah. Born on 15 Apr 1905 in Arkansas. Died on 16 Nov 1987. On 26 Oct 1924, in Conway County, Arkansas, Beulah married James Alfred Hawkins, son of John Egbert Hawkins and Mary Elizabeth Thomas. They had 4 children.

  3. 3. Clyde Everett (1907-1972) see below

  4. Stella. Born on 20 Dec 1909 in Arkansas. Stella died in Hill Creek, Conway County, Arkansas, in Dec 1978. Stella married John LaFerry.

  5. Robert L. Born on 18 Mar 1915 in Arkansas. Died 8 Aug 1973. He married Lucille.

Generation 4

Clyde Everett Barnett. Born on 27 Jul 1907 in Knoxville, Johnson County, Arkansas. He died in Long Beach, Los Angeles, California, on 9 Sep 1972 and is buried in Forest Lawn Cemetery, Cypress, Orange County, California. Occupation: aircraft assembler.

On 8 Nov 1825, in Hillcreek, Conway County, Arkansas, Clyde married Wilma Hawkins, daughter of John Egbert Hawkins and Mary Elizabeth Thomas.

Generation 5

Clyde Everett and Wilma Barnett had 4 children.

Generation 6

Kit # 203245 is the grandson of Clyde Everett and Wilma Barnett.

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