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Barnett 1-Haplogroup: R1b1a2

Members of this group are:

(Kit 9386) John Barnett (1689-1756 Goochland,VA) (Wife Katherine Farrar). After John Barnett died in 1756 his children moved to different areas such as Granville County, NC and other places. The ancestor of this participant went to Surry then Rutherford counties in NC, then, to Spartanburg Co, SC where he served in the Spartanburg Militia during the American Revolution.

Contact: Mic Barnette


(Kit 10391) John Barnett (Born 01/02/1792-Died 01-13-1861) Lived Greenville County, SC. His children and possibly he lived in Madison County, NC. His wife was Nancy.

Contact: Jack Barnett


(Kit 10518) Nathan Barnett Sr (Born New Kent Co, Va 1729- died Greene County, GA 1804) He was a Revolutionary War Soldier in Georgia.Note: This is President Lyndon Baines Johnson’s Barnett ancestor

Contact: Keith Barnett

(Kit 15986) David Barnett of Person County, NC and Greenville Co, SC

Contact: Diane


(Kit 16597) John Barnett born 1792 and died 1861, married Nancy born 1794. Their son, William was born 1813 Greenville County, SC and died 1866 Madison County, NC.

Contact G Barnett


(Kit 16642) John Barnett born 1848 Greenville, South Carolina. Lived Benton Co, AR and Talequah, Oklahoma

Contact: ME Barnett


(Kit 25045) John Barnett (1689-1756 Goochland,VA) (Wife Katherine Farrar). After John Barnett died in 1756 his children moved different areas such as Granville County, NC and the ancestor of Participant 0001 going to Surry then Rutherford counties in NC then to Spartanburg Co, SC by the time of the Revolution.                                                                                                                                                              Contact: L Barnett


(Kit 28268) John Barnett (1689-1756 of Goochland,VA) (Wife Katherine Farrar). After John Barnett died in 1756 the ancestor of this participant moved to Surry, then Rutherford county in North Carolina and finally to Spartanburg District, South Carolina by the time of the Revolution.                                                                                                                       Contact:  J Craft


(Kit 38284) John Barnett 1689-1756. John Barnett (1689-1756 Goochland,VA) (Wife Katherine Farrar). After John Barnett died in 1756 the next ancestral generation of this participant moved to Surry, then Rutherford County in North Carolina and finally to Spartanburg, South Carolina ni time to participate in the Revolutionary War.

Contact:  C Barnett


(Kit 84059) David Barnett was born in Kentucky in 1804. In 1830 he married Nancy Catherine Conner in Howard County, Missouri. He died in Johnson County Missouri in 1877.

Contact:D Barnett


(Kit 89098) Epaphroditis (Epp) Barnett was born in South Carolina in 1826 and died in 1896 in Walton County, Georgia. Members of this family moved to Texas and other states.



(Kit 89188) This participant is descended from John Barnett 1689-1756 and wife Katherine Farrar through their son, William Barnett 1730-1805 who married Hannah Fenton.

Contact: G. Barnett


(Kit 104767) The earliest ancestor of this participant was John Barnett and wife Katherine Farrar. From Spartanburg, South Carolina younger generations moved to Coosa County, Alabama.

Contact: G Dillard




(Kit 157005) This participant is the brother of Kit 9386. They descend from John Barnett born 1689 Virginia and died 1756 Goochland County, Virginia and wife Katherine Farrar.

Contact: Mic Barnette




(Kit 172073) Ancestral Information not available.

Contact: R Barnett



(Kit 192112) This Barnard family descends from Samuel Barnard who was born in Have in Antigua and died after 1838. He was manager of Green Castle Estate

Contact: M Barnard

(Kit 195509) Descends from John Barnett and Katherine Farrar

Contact: J Barnett

(Kit 203245) This participant is descended from Valda V. Barnett who was born in SC 1822 and died in the Civil War in 1862. It is thought he is a son of Jeremiah Barnett who was a son of Jo Royal  and Agnes Glenn of Spartanburg, SC and ultimately from John Barnett and Katherine Farrar of Goochland County, VA

Contact: M Barnett

(Kit N28872) No Ancestral information Available

Contact: R Barnard


(Kit N3242) James Pinckney Barnett was likely born in Georgia but may have been born in South Carolina in 1844. He died in Forsyth County, Georgia in 1917 where he lived most of his life. His parents were likely both born in South Carolina. He served in the Civil War from Georgia in the Confederacy and was a POW at the Union Prison at Elmira, New York


(Kit N6071) William Barnett of Albemarle and Amherst Counties Virginia, then to Richmond and Columbia counties in Georgia

Contact:C F Barnett

(Kit # B161458) Descends from John Barnett b 1689 Virginia- Katherine Farrar

The link between Gen G-3 and G-4 is not confirmed; awaiting DNA confirmation 

Generation I

John Barnett Sr. born 1689, Goochland Co., VA, died 21 Sep 1756, Goochland Co., VA, burial site unknown, married Katherine Farrar born 1700, died 1781, Granville Co, N.C. Their children are Thomas Barnett, Jesse Barnett, Richard Barnett, John Barnett, William Barnett, Joseph Barnet, Edward Barnett, Catherine Barnett Whitler, Sarah Barnett, Mary Barnett and Frances Barnett


Joseph Barnett, born Oct. 1731, Goochland Co., VA; died 01 Mar. 1802, Spartanburg Co., S.C., married Lucy Wade, born 01 Sep 1729, Goochland Co., VA, died 11 May 1812, buried Camp Croft State Park, Barnett Cemetery.  Their children are Druscilla, born 12 Jul. 1755, Joseph Royal (JoRoyal) born 10 Oct 1758, Micajah Cicero born 13 May 1760, married Jene born 12 May 1762; Martha born 22 Feb. 1763, John born 15 Oct. 1766, James born 26 Apr 1770, Richard born 09 Oct. 1773, Elijah born 12 Sep. 1776.

Generation III

John Barnett born 15 Oct 1766, Goochland Co., VA; died 20 July 1847, Giles Co., TN; married Nancy Ann Barnett, 29 Jan. 1789, Granville Co., NC; born 26 Jan 1847, died 18 Nov. 1840, Giles Co., TN; awaiting DNA results and Bible Records from NSDAR.

Generation IV

James Randal/Randolph Barnett, born 1785, Spartanburg, S.C., died 1851, Greenville, S.C., buried Glassy Mountain Cemetery, Greenville Co., S.C., no stone found; proof of father not found; waiting for DNA results; PROOFS: Obit Randal: 04 Dec. 1851, The Southern  Patriot, Greenville, S.C. (not legible but a copy is published on “Find A Grave”;   married Martha Phereby Dillard, daughter of Joseph and Priscilla Wilkins Dillard, b. 1790, Augusta, Richmond, GA., d. 1862, Greenville, S.C., bur. Glassy Mountain Cemetery, Greenville Co., S.C.  No stone is found.

1910 Spartanburg, Co., S.C. census1850 census lists Randall and Phereby (proof of marriage), 1860 Greenville Co., census lists Phereby Barnett, 2 children. Randal Barnett’s Estate settlement listed his wife and children. The thirteen children are Martha Barnett Reid, Priscilla Barnett Reid, John Barnett, Jemima Barnett Campbell, Lucinda Barnett Sanders, Sarah Barnett Dobbins, Mary Barnett Griffin, James Barnett, William Barnett, Agnes Barnett Moon, Delily Barnett Peace, Elvira Barnett Hinson, Elinder Barnett Farmer.

Generation IV

Lucinda Barnett, born 1814 in Spartanburg Co., S.C., died 1858, Greenville Co., S.C., buried at Glassy Mountain Baptist Church Cemetery, Greenville Co., S.C.  No stone marks her grave.  Lucinda married Ervin Sanders born 1814, died 1897.   Ervin is buried in Clifton Cemetery, Spartanburg Co, S.C. The children who were born to Lucinda prior to her death are James Scott Sanders born 1847, James Simpson Sanders born 1847, Amelia Sanders born 1851  Jesse Sanders, born 1853, Mary Sanders  born 1854, Thomas Sanders, born 1858.

Generation V

Jesse Sanders, born 03 Jan. 1852, Spartanburg District, S.C., died 21 Apr. 1921, married Dora Dorman born 15 Sep 1864, died 30 May 1916, buried Sardis Methodist Church Cemetery, Gaffney, Cherokee, S.C. Their children are Cluff Paul Sanders born 10 Oct. 1884, Vesta Sanders Kennedy born 02 April 1891.

Generation VI    

Cluff  Paul Sanders, born 10 Oct 1884, died 26 Mar. 1974, married Medora Elizabeth Davis, born 16 Jun 1888, died 29 Apr. 1962, buried Sardis Methodist Church Cemetery, Gaffney, Cherokee, S.C. Their children are Ella Mae Sanders Humphries, born 21 Jun 1907, died 28 Dec. 1996, Caroline Elizabeth Sanders Hughey born 1909, Mary Merle Sanders Tindall, died 1987, Hattie Lois Sanders, died 1924, Ruby Jeanette Sanders White, died 1997, Lula Rae Sanders Wright, died 1978.

Generation VII 

Ella Mae Sanders Humphries, b. 21 Jun 1907, died 28 Jan 1996, married 29 Oct.1926, Royce William Humphries, born 07 May 1903, died 21 Jul 1996, buried Sardis Methodist Church Cemetery, Gaffney, Cherokee, S.C.

Generation VIII

Three children survive the Humphries couple; others deceased.

Margaret Ann Humphries Dillard born 27 Aug 1936

( Contact: Peggy Dillard < >


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