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William Barnett b ca 1730 VA d. 1788 Richmond County GA

Group Barnett 1 Y  Haplogroup R1b1a2

Contact:  C F Barnett


Generation I

William Barnett (The Elder) born about 1730-1735 in Virginia, probably lived in Albemarle and Amerherst counties in Virginia before coming to Georgia. He died about 1788 in Richmond County, Georgia. He married about 1758 possibly to Hannah? Booker? who likely was born about 1735 and is known to have died about 1805 in Columbia County, GA

Generation II

William Barnett (the Younger) was born about 1760 probably in Virginia and died about 1807 in Columbia County, Georgia. He was married December 28 1789 to Anna Crawford. She was likely born about 1762 in Virginia and died May 12 1838 in Watkinsville, (now Oconee, but in 1838 in Clark County), Georgia

Generation III

William Harris Barnett was born about 1795 in Columbia County, Georgia and died in 1827 in Putnam County, Georgia. He married Elizabeth Brockman January 2, 1817 in Putnam County Georgia. She was born about 1797 and died between 1870 and 1878 in Putnam County, Georgia.

Generation IV

Joel Crawford Barnett was born in July 1824 and died December 18, 1874. He married Anna Mapp Fannin February 8, 1860. She was born December 20, 1830 and died August 18, 1902

Generation V

Crawford Fannin Barnett (I) who was born January 25 1870 and died November 11, 1936. He married Annie Peirce Taylor February 21, 1906. She was born May 21 1878 and died May 12, 1964

Generation VI

Crawford Fannin Barnett (II) was born November 27, 1906 and died November 3, 1973. He married Penelope Hollinstead Brown October 9, 1934. She was born June 15, 1910 and died July 18, 1992

Generation VII


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