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You might wish to visit our project “public” site on the FTDNA website at

On that site there is a link to FTDNA’s Frequently Asked Questions. Also, on that site there are two choices to view the Y-DNA Results Charts:

1) Classic Chart

2) Colorized Chart-This chart offers some analysis the first does not. For each Group it gives a DYS Results Minimum, Maximum and Modal Value.

Both charts offer a drop down box to view results for 12, 25, 37, 67 and the new 111 marker tests. Everyone in our project has taken the 12 marker test, so everyone is included in that chart analysis. If a project member has not taken an advanced upgraded test they will not be represented in the more advanced 25, 37, 67, 111 test analysis charts.

Individual participants may view the TIP (Time Predictor Tool) on their personal page. They public does not have access to this tool.

Below there is a summary of each participant’s ancestral lineage. To view a more complete lineage:

1) Use the search box on left side of this page: search for names, kit numbers, etc,  OR:

2) Click in Category box on left of this page and look for his Kit Number

Burnett 1   Haplogroup  I

(Kit N 9870) Richard Burnett was born in Virginia and died 1794 in Colleton County, South Carolina. Later members of this family moved to Echols County, Georgia and several counties in Florida.



Burnett 2  Haplogroup   R1b1a2

(Kit 137765) Information Pending



Burnett 3    Haplogroup  R1b1a2

Kit 101853 Information Pending


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