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James Pinckney Barnett b GA or SC  d 1917 Forsyth Co, GA


Following is the lineage of Kit Number N 3242 from the oldest proven ancestor. Due to concerns for identity theft living persons are not included or are so noted by initials and obscured dates of birth and death, etc

Group Barnett 1 Y                   Haplogroup R1b1a2


Generation I

James Pinckney Barnett was likely born in Georgia but could have been born in South Carolina September 13, 1844 and died in Forsyth County, Georgia July 31, 1917 and is buried at the Pleasant View Baptist Church Cemetery in Forsyth County.

On September 22, 1862 James Pinckney enlisted in Gwinnett County, Georgia in Company I, 16th Georgia Infantry, CSA, also known as the Sally Twiggs Regiment. He was captured June 1, 1864 at Gaines Farm or Cold Harbor, Virginia and was held a Prisoner of War at Elmira New York. He was released from Elmira Prison July 7, 1865.

James Pinckney was apparently married twice:

Married 1: Nancy Susan Bagwell, 2 August 1870, the daughter of Micajah McCager Bagwell and Harriett Stone. She was born about 1852 in Georgia and died between 1887 and 1890.

Some or all the children of James Pinckney Barnett and Nancy L. Bagwell:

1) Martha L born ca 1870 in Georgia married Lewis Holbrook in 1883

2) George W born ca 1872 Georgia

3) Harriett M born ca 1874 in Georgia married Thomas Jett in 1892

4) John Enoch born May 1876 in Georgia married Laura B. Brannon 9 Dec 1897

5) Wiliam W born ca 1879 in Georgia married Malinda Strawn in 1897

6) Truman born 14 March 1882 died 19 January 1949 Georgia married Mamie P. Truelove (1892-1946) in 1912.

7) Maude born June 1887 Georgia

Married 2nd  15 August 1890 Martha (called Margie and also Maggie) Phillips who was born November 1857 in Georgia and Died in 1930.

By 1900 they had had three children and two were still alive. Those children still alive were:

8) Effie (or Ethel) L born February 1895 in Georgia

9) Herman born October 1897 Georgia

Generation II

John Enoch Barnett born 5 May 1876 in Georgia Died 25 March 1945 and married in 1898 to Laura Bell Brannon daughter of John A. Brannon (1860-1938) and Hamer L. Fagan (1870-1959).  Laura was  born in Georgia in 29 June 1884 Died 15 August 1962. By 1910 they had had six children and four were still living, namely, Euna, Loy, Ethel and Oscar. Others were born later.

1) Euna D. born 5 Aug 1900 in Georgia Died 16 Nov 1972

2) Loy Hart born 7 July 1905 in Georgia and died 17 March 1964 married Edie C Ashworth (1905-1969) in 1921

3) Ethel E born 1908 in Georgia married Howard G Sexton in 1928

4) Oscar L born 1909 in Georgia Died 1977 married Magdalene Bales (born 1912)  in 1930

5) Edith born about 1913 Georgia

6) Julie O Born 4 April 1914 Died 10 March 1918

7) John Enoch- born 23 November 1916 Died 10 Oct 1917

8) Mutle- died young

9) Otis E born about 1918 Georgia

10) Leonard

11) Monteze

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