Kit 11952

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Andrew Barnett British Soldier from Ireland to Canada to Austrailia


Following is the lineage of Kit Number 11952 from the oldest proven ancestor. Due to concerns for identity theft living persons are not included or are so noted by initials and obscured dates of birth and death, etc

Group Barnett 3 Y   Haplogroup R1b1a2

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Generation I 

Andrew Barnett  born about 1808 probably in Glen Avey, County Antrim, Northern Ireland. In 1825 he joined the British Rifle Brigade at Belfast.

In 1829 Andrew married Ann Sullivan at St Andrew’s Presbyterian Church in  Halifax, Nova Scotia. She was a local so the British did not pay for her to move when the regiment moved in 1836 from Canada to Malta.

They likely had two sons both born in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada

    1. Andrew Barnett born about 1830 

    2. William Henry Barnett born 1833

Generation II

William Henry Barnett                                                                                    Born 1833 in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada

Joined as a crew member of a British merchant ship, the Messenger which sailed from San Francisco to Peru in 1853. May have made it from Halifax to San Francisco as part of the gold rush.

The Messenger tried to sail from Callao, Peru to England but almost sank and turned back. William Henry changed to the Ship Chatham., that sailed to Liverpool, England. From there he got a berth as a crew member on a British [Canadian] Ship named Europa that sailed to Adelaide. It was a bad voyage, with crew put into jail at Cape Town, South Africa for mutiny and after a couple of weeks in Adelaide, most of the crew, including William Henry, deserted and made for the Victorian gold rush. The Victorian gold rush was famous for a revolt against the Government over taxes. It was lead by a mixture of Irish, German, Italian and Americans from California. Known as the Eureka Stockade it is a turning point in Australian history forcing some democracy to occur. However, the Americans were denied the vote as they were known Republicans and not loyal to the British Crown.

William Henry married  in 1860 at Melbourne, Austrailia to Mary Anne  Murphy who was born in 1833 in Dublin, Ireland and arrived in Austrailia from Dublin in 1855. They had 4 children:

Generation III

Children of William Henry Barnett and Mary Anne Murphy:

    1) William Henry [Harry] Barnett born 1860 Melbourne, Austrailia 

    2)  Elizabeth Mary Barnett born 1862 Melbourne, Austrailia died 1863

    3)  Caroline Marion Barnett born 1863 Kadina, South Austrailia, married Patrick D’Orsey (born 1854 Quebec, Canada) at Port Augusta, Austrailia  in 1882

    4) Mathew Robert Barnett- born 1872 at Port Adelaide, South Austrailia. Married Phoebe Elizabeth Organ in 1900 in Freemantle, Western Austrailia.

Generation IV

Children of Matthew Robert Barnett and Phoebe Elizabeth Organ:

    1) Marion Elizabeth Barnett born 1902, married 1935 to Alf Reynolds

    2) Mary Evelyn Barnett born 1910 married 1938 Bernard (Bernie) Davenport

    3) Frank D’Orsey Barnett born 1912 married 1947 Ella Whiteman Grieve in Sydney, New South Wales, Austrailia-parents of this participant.


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