Kit N26559

Posted by - May 22nd, 2011

Jeremiah Barnett  b 1809 County Cork Ireland d 1904 Pottsdam, NY


Following is the lineage of Kit Number N 26559 from the oldest proven ancestor. Due to concerns for identity theft living persons are not included or are so noted by initials and obscured dates of birth and death, etc

Group Barnett 10 Y   Haplogroup R1a1a



Generation I

    John Barnett was born 1780

    Generation II

    Jeremiah Barnett was born December 1809 in County Cork, Ireland and died 11 February 1904 at Potsdam,  Lawrence County, New York

    Generation III

    Cornelius Barnett was born 1863 New York and Died 13 November 1922 at Potsdam, Lawrence County, New York

    Generation IV

    Theodore Swift Barnett was born in 1894 in New York and died 29 November 1937 at Potsdam, Lawrence County, New York

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