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Posted by - May 24th, 2011

Leyzor Bandrymer d Poland 1844-1851


Group Barnett  Y 11 Haploygroup



Generation I  

    Leyzor Bandrymer died in Poland between 1844-1851. Married to Sura (1784-1844)

    Generation II

    Aryja Leiba Bandrymer  married Feyja Joskowna (means daughter of Joseph) Generation IIIJoseph Bandrymer born Dec.1832, 

    Gniazdowo, Lomza district, Poland died approx 1900 (other spelling variations are Bandremer, Bandrimer, Bandriemer, Bandriemor, Bandryner) married on 3/11/1851  Rucha Liba Wychowanek born 1834.   They had several sons: Yitzcakb. 1864, Arja b.1853, Leisor Wolf b.1855, Mendel b .1878, Chaim , Meyer b.1859 and Belish b. 1879 and daughters Feiga Dwojra b.1858  Esther b.1873  and Chaja Bejla b. 1859. The family lived in village of Brok outside of Ostrow Mazowiecka, Poland

Found records that all came to the US except no records found for Feiga Dwojra Bandrymer or Ester (Bandrymer) Gotlieb Arja was married to Channe and had children Chaje, Bail, Jospe and may have gone with the English name Aaron or Ari. 

Leisor Wolf(was called Wolf) married to Blanche (children Harry and Gussie) Child Fanny may have been Harry’s daughter or Wolf’s

Belish, a baker,(known as Beny) was married to a Freida Freidman and had 3 children, Joseph, Rebecca and Morris.

Chaim was married to Rivka Gulman and had 2 childre, Malka and Ella.

Mendel, a baker.. no other info
Meir- no info

Esther married Ephriam (Froim) Moshe Gotlieb b.1876. He was in the US in 1918 but can’t find him afterwards. Chaja Bejla married _?Globinksy. Their son Moshe married Yizchak’s daughter Laya and moved to Columbia, South America.

Maybe a Bandrymer went to South Africa according to some verbal family history
Somewhere along the line a Bandrymer changed his last name to Barnett and the rest followed as they entered the US.

Generation IV
Yitzcak (Lcyk) Bandymer 1864-1950 married Hinde Bulman (born 1861) in 1886 in (Nowy Miastro, Warszawa Gubernia, Poland)  The Bulman’s were from Nowy Miastro and the Yitzchak was living in Rozan (Rozhan)in the Lomza District, Poland with his parents.

Yitzchak came to the US from Rozan, Poland.

Yitzchak was in the silk-linings(for coats) business in NY.

Their sons were: Sam, Joseph, Harry,and a daughter, Laya (Dyna)(Tante Laiche to us!) who immigrated to Columbia, South America. Sam lived in Pultusk,Poland and Joseph in Serock, Poland before coming to the US  

The Ellis Island records also in that when Hinde arrived in 1920, she was accompanied by three daughters: Rivka, Dina, and Eysy(?) ages 18,20, and 12 respectively. Laya’s daughter Rachael remembers her mother had at least one sister and maybe a 2nd that died young but did not indicate any knowledge about a 3rd girl. Upon closer inspection of the Ellis Island record, it appears that Eysy may have been a granddaughter of Hinde’s. The handwritten manifest record shows conflicting evidence. It is possible the children were indeed grandchildren who were traveling with Hinde.

Records show Yitzcak and his brothers lived in the lower East Side Manhattan during the early 1900’s



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