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Posted by - May 28th, 2011


Moshe Bandrymer survived the Holocaust, Lived Poland, Russia, Isreal

Group Barnett 11 Y     Haplogroup R1a1a

Contact:  J Barnett


Moshe Bandrymer survived the Holocaust by taking his family to Russia. He returned to Poland and evenutally emmigrated to Israel.  

His grandson, Moshe Bandrimer(current spelling) lives there with his family and other relatives.

He has a cousin living in Canada, Meir Bandrimer.

Jef (Bandrymer) Barnett’s father had the name of Moshe Bandrymer living in Poland after the war and it is believed to be the current Moshe’s grandfather. DNA tests (37) however do not show a common ancestor with the last serverl hundred years.

Moshe’s grandmother was part of the Globinsky family (Jef’s family have Globinky relations still) and that may be the connection with the family.

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