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Alexander Barnett  b 1754 VA d 1826 Paris KY


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Willam   b. 1600 Scotland

William  b. 1641 Scotland  married Katherine Vance Londonderry Cathedral Ireland

John     b. 1678 Ireland  d. 1734 Lancaster Co., PA  married Maragret Roan

James   b. 1703 Ireland  d.  late 1700s probably VA married Jame Johnson (some say Miller)

Robert   b. 1725-31 Ireland or PA   married Mary Montgomery

Documented Descendants of Alexander Barnett


Alexander Barnett b: 1754  VA                  d: 28 Sep 1826 in Paris, Bourbon, Kentucky

Buried near Paris, Bourbon Co., KY in the family cemetery: 1200 Middletown Rd.  (now Stonerside Stables)

Dr. Alexander Barnett is the ancestor who assisted in establishing American Independence, while acting in the capacity of private in the South Carolina Continentals and Militia.

Private in Captain Henry Hampton’s Company in the 6th Regiment of the South Carolina troops on Continental Establishment, commanded by Lieutenant Colonel William Henderson.

December 1779 transferred to the 8th Company of the 1st Regiment.
In Garrison at the siege of Charleston in 1780.

Horseman in Captain Joseph *Vince’s company of the South Carolina Militia, April to June 1781.  *Should be Vance

Documents are in the Historical Commission of S.C. for Militia duty,
War Department, Washington D.C. for service in the Continentals.  Service verified by certificate from War Dept.

Daughters of the American Revolution record # 86561

+ Dorcas Long b: 1756 VA                 d: 12 Sep 1848 KY

Daughter of William Long and unknown.  William Long’s will probated in VA.


John I. Barnett b: 29 Jan 1780 VA or TN        d: 16 May 1854 IL

+(Sarah) Sally Kenney                b: 24 Jul 1786  KY        d: abt. 1847 KY

Daughter of James Kenney and Mary Frame.  James and Mary were both born in VA and died in KY.

James Kenney’s father was named Barnett Kenney, born in Ireland in 1726.  He served in the PA line of the Revolutionary War.


Alexander L.  Barnett b: 15 Oct 1810   KY      d: 30 Apr 1886  IL

+Elizabeth J. Hall         b: 28 Feb 1812   KY     d: 30 Nov 1893 IL

Daughter of Mahlon Hall and unknown from VA.


John A.  Barnett b: 10 Nov 1845 IL           d: 17 Jan 1901 IL

+Sarah Annette Hutchin          b: Apr 1850 IL                d: 1901 in Kansas City, MO.

Daughter of Charles E. Hutchin and Mary Brelsford  both born in Ohio and died IL


John Hutchin Barnett b: 07 Oct. 1877   IL         d: 15 Nov 1960 in CA

+Mertie Tressa Gleason         b: 27 Aug 1894   MT        d: 15 Feb 1985 CA

Daughter of John Ransom Gleason and Lovina Sweet.   John Ransom Gleason born in NY, died in WI.

Lovina Sweet born in PA, died in WI.


John Alexander Barnett            b:  03 Oct 1921 MT          d: 13 May 1995 CA

+Wanda Janiece Teague       b. 16 Feb 1924 TX           d: 05 Feb 1998 CA


Living Barnett

Participant Barnett

All Illinois births and deaths were in De Witt County

All Kentucky births and deaths were in Bourbon County

All Montana births were in Pondera/Teton County

Texas birth was in Cooper, Delta County

Virginia births in either Staunton or Augusta County

Tennessee birth in unknown area, was a stop over from VA to KY after the Rev. War

After seeing the will of Robert Barnett born 1725 – 1731 in Ireland or PA., and his wife  Mary Montgomery along with documentation and family stories from 2 other descendants, I believe Alexander Barnett born 1754 in VA was the son of Robert Born abt 1725 and Mary Montgomery.   His sister Jane married Alexander Barnett born 1745 in VA who, with his brother Joseph, founded Barnett’s Station in what is now Ohio County.  That Alexander’s father was Robert Barnett born 1701 in Ireland, reputed to be a first cousin of Robert born abt 1725.   Most likely Robert born 1701 was the brother of James born 1703, who is believed to be the father of Robert born abt 1725.  The other brothers were John born 1705 and Joseph born 1708.

Therefore, the 2 Alexander Barnetts born in VA and died in KY were cousins.  Another of Alexander and Jane’s siblings married a cousin.  One descendant is in possession of a letter written by Col. James to his sister Jane in Ohio County, which backs up the information regarding the parentage.  I have a copy of it.

I verified the marriages of Mary Montgomery’s children in Madison Co., KY. and at the Kentucky Archives in Frankfort.

Mary Montgomery Barnett moved to Madison County after Robert’s death in 1787.   Her will is dated 1807.

The information in Madison County records, as well as many narratives by descendants and information from The Kentucky Historical Society backs up this theory.  I have found no birth year for Alexander in these new records, but it fits the timeline, and there is no evidence that he was the son of anyone else.   The birth year and descendants of Alexander born 1745 is well documented.


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